Winter Bone Broth Soup To Help Digestion and Boost Immunity

This delicious bone broth soup features ginger, leek, and mushrooms.

Start with chicken or beef bone broth as a base as this is the most flavourful broths with these vegetables and gently cook some garlic, ginger, leeks, and mushrooms in the broth. Specific measurements don’t matter so much here, just go with what looks and feels right. Some people enjoy more ginger or garlic, others do not. It is all personal preference, so make it your own.

Bone broth is easy to digest and Chinese medicine has been recommending this for thousands of years as an overall tonic – it is full of collagen which helps with inflammation and joint health, and helps to strengthen and restore.

☯ Ginger helps to clear the lungs and aids digestion.

☯ Garlic helps to remove toxins and aids digestion.

☯ Leek helps to protect against colds and clear phlegm.

☯ Mushrooms boost immunity and clear the lungs.

Once you have sufficiently cooked all your veggies in the broth, simply take off the heat and enjoy.

Bone Appetite!



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Recipe courtesy of Twisted Dishes