Relieving Stress & Anxiety with Traditional Chinese Medicine


Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, irritable, or always tired?

You don’t have to.

Stress and anxiety are an ever-greater problem in our fast-paced society, with more and more people coming to me because their stress levels are negatively impacting their health and happiness, and even affecting their ability to function. With no detrimental side effects, traditional Chinese medicine can help alleviate stress and restore your well being in a natural way.

Some common symptoms of stress

  • anger, irritability, frustration
  • stiffness in the muscles, commonly neck and shoulders
  • trouble sleeping
  • depression
  • irregular menstrual cycle
  • premenstrual symptoms, moodiness, breast distension, bloating
  • migraine or tension headaches
  • chest constriction, anxiety
  • frequent sighing
  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • poor concentration
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A customized treatment plan of acupuncture, herbal medicine, lifestyle modifications, can help rebalance your body, reduce stress, and get you back to feeling your very best.


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People Say:

“Since going to Michelle for treatment, my anxiety has been so much better and I really feel more balanced!”

-Tracy Johnson

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