Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Expect on my First Visit?

An initial appointment will last about 90 minutes. During that time questions will be asked regarding lifestyle, diet, stress levels, sleep patterns, digestion, elimination, menstrual cycle and medical history in order to establish a TCM diagnosis and treatment plan. The tongue and pulse will also be be examined as these are important diagnostic tools. An acupuncture treatment is also included in the first visit.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

No, sometimes a slight sensation is felt on insertion or there may be a slight heaviness felt around the needle but once the needles are in place there should be no discomfort. I try to be very gentle and believe that acupuncture does not have to hurt to be effective! Most people find the treatments very relaxing and many fall asleep.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

It is often hard to predict how many treatments are needed as everyone responds differently. Generally acute problems will often show improvement in 4-6 visits, chronic problems will require additional treatment. Visits are generally scheduled 1-2 times per week. Many people continue treatments on a monthly or seasonal schedule in order to maintain health and prevent illness.

Can I Use Acupuncture for Health Maintenance?

Yes, the best use of acupuncture is for maintenance of health. In China they say the best Traditional Chinese medicine doctors do not have any sick patients. Acupuncture can cure the illness before it occurs, correcting and balancing the body. Many people come in for treatments on a regular basis to maintain their health and prevent illness. Just as your vehicle needs regular tune ups and maintenance to remain running well, so does your body. The only difference is that you can’t trade your body in for a newer model.

What if I Don’t Want Acupuncture?

If someone is not interested in acupuncture there are still many different modalities available in Traditional Chinese medicine. Herbal medicine may be used,, cupping or moxabustion, dietary changes and lifestyle modifications all can help to rebalance and heal the body.

What is the Training Required in British Columbia to Practice Traditional Chinese Medicine?

British Columbia is the first province in Canada to regulate Traditional Chinese Medicine. In order to practice in B.C. one must have at least five years post secondary education and training at an accredited school and be licensed and registered with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of British Columbia.

Is Acupuncture Covered Under B.C. Medical?

Acupuncture is not covered under B.C. medical but it is covered by most extended medical plans, you need to check your individual plan to be sure. I am a Registered Blue Cross Provider.

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