“During a frustrating battle with unexplained fertility, I turned to acupuncture sessions with Michelle to help focus my body and mind for further medical treatments. Her sessions were encouraging and positive. They helped me feel less stressed and more in control of my health. I believe this preparation contributed to our first IUI procedure being successful. I also sought Michelle’s care near the end of my pregnancy and feel that her acupuncture and acupressure techniques helped prepare my body for the baby’s arrival. I delivered our son quickly without any drugs or interventions. We couldn’t be happier!”

– Melanie Dane

“I first learned of Michelle and Comox Valley Acupuncture through a mutual acquaintance when my husband and I decided to have a baby. As any other woman would, I desired a happy and healthy pregnancy free from stress, discomfort and especially morning sickness and I wanted it to all happen ‘according to schedule’. Through regular visits to Michelle for acupuncture treatment before and during my pregnancy, I got exactly that. I also got something that I wasn’t expecting and that was a quiet, relaxed, drug-free and relatively pain-free labour and delivery. Even though my child was a healthy 8 lbs. and the proud owner of an unusually large head, I had no tearing and a relatively short 10 hour labour. For those reasons and far too many others to mention, I went to Michelle again for my second pregnancy and enjoyed all of the same benefits once again.

Michelle is a caring, sensitive and trustworthy practitioner with a light touch and a friendly personality. I never felt any pain during my treatments and was usually so relaxed and comfortable that I could enjoy a little nap while the pins worked their magic. Over the last 5 years I have recommended acupuncture treatments to many people either wanting to become pregnant or suffering through the usual pregnancy ailments and have referred them to Michelle and Comox Valley Acupuncture and I will continue to do so. I also know that our relationship will not end at pregnancy… have a look at the website… there is a mountain of ailments that are treatable with acupuncture.”

– Nicole McQueen

“I have been treated by Michelle for a wide array of ailments – sport’s injuries, menopausal symptoms, and post surgery. For the most part I have experienced immediate relief. An added bonus is the deep sleep I fall into during the treatments. I have always found Michelle to be very professional, thorough, and insightful.”

– Kathy Penner

“As a fitness trainer and endurance athlete I put plenty of miles on my body and need to spend as little time recovering as possible. Acupuncture has been a regular part of my training/racing plan for over 6 years and it plays a very important role. I use acupuncture as a pre-race treatment to help my body shed fatigue and prepare for big events. I also rely on acupuncture to treat chronic and acute injuries and I see a significant improvement in my recovery time by doing this. Acupuncture calms my mind, balances out my bodies systems, helps me train harder and recover faster. What could be better than that?  Thanks Michelle!”

– Sarah Seads 

“When I leave Comox Valley Acupuncture I feel like I’ve been well cared for. Acupuncture has had the ability to calm my crazy mind, help me conceive, flip my breech baby and induce my labour when I was late. Recently, I was diagnosed with a sometimes painful chronic illness, and acupuncture does wonders at relieving my pain and soothing my soul.”

– Lisa Williams

“Absolutely phenomenal service and professionalism. Michelle is so kind and caring and the treatment rooms are very clean and relaxing. She helped me to get back on my feet after having battled with severe arthritis for years. Dr. Michelle Hughes literally helped me get my life back”

– Jestine Senner

“The most professional health experience, period. Thank you Dr. Michelle Hughes.”

– Devin Sexton

“Hello there my name is Maria and I would like to tell my story about acupuncture. I have had migraines for most of my life. I have been receiving acupuncture and the migraines are a lot, lot better. If I get one they are very mild and I do not have to lie in bed for days, I also no longer get a stomach ache. I am very relaxed when I have my session. So if you suffer from migraines give Dr. Michelle a call, she will help you.”

– Maria V


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People Say:

“Friendly environment, amazing relaxing atmosphere. Dr. Hughes knows her stuff and I am very glad I came, experience was amazing…”

-Tracy Johnson

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