TCM & The Transition To Fall


As we move into fall, TCM teaches us how to move with the seasons and thrive with the foods we eat, the exercise we do, and the emotions we feel. In Chinese Medicine, Fall is associated with metal and the lungs. This season is associated with organization, setting limits and protecting boundaries. Now is the time to finish up any projects you started in Spring or Summer and reap the rewards of all your hard work. Now is also a great time to start projects that are more internal and introspective. The energy of the lungs is “letting go,” so Fall is a good time to be mindful to let go of anything we may be holding on to in order to enjoy the most of this season.This time can prove to be very difficult for some – Summer is the time of happiness, energy and cool, raw foods. Now that it’s getting colder, some may feel a sense of depression/lack of energy. We can combat this with a few key lifestyle changes. Living in harmony with Fall is attainable, and you’ll feel much better by following these simple tips.


Boost Your Immunity

As cold and flu season quickly approaches, many people fail to take extra steps in protecting their wei qi (immune system) and fall ill.

Some simple and effective ways to boost your wei qi are as follows:


Eat Less Raw Vegetables

Cooking your food eases digestion, leaving more energy in your body to protect itself from illness.

Cut Out/Limit Your Intake of Sugars, Fats and Processed Foods

These foods give you a temporary “high”, but eating well during this Fall season will give you more promising long-term benefits.

Keep Your Neck Warm

It’s not just an old wive’s tale! TCM teaches us that keeping warm is vital to our immunity. Keep your neck warm with a scarf or turtle neck when outside/in cold temperatures.

Incorporate More Cooked Foods

During the summer many people eat mostly raw diets. As we move into Fall, transitioning that to cooked foods proves to be beneficial for digestion & overall health. Cooked foods use less of our digestive fire to break them down, leaving more energy to boost immunity. If you’d like a delicious Fall recipe inspired by TCM, you can check one out here.

Go to Bed Earlier

As the sun starts to set earlier and earlier, we need more rest to feel fully restored.

Support Your Immunity With Herbs & Supplements

Even with the changes above, adding in herbs and supplements ensure that you have maximum protection of your wei qi.

The supplements I (Dr. TCM) take everyday are:

TCM encourages us to lean into the seasons instead of fighting them, so try to go with the feelings associated with Fall. Let me know how you feel when you make these changes, and if you think of anything else that could help with the transition to Fall!