Chinese Herbal Medicine

I first learned about the power of Chinese herbs when I was a student and was not getting my menstrual cycle. I  went to my Western medicine doctor who was not concerned at all with my year without periods after coming off the birth control pill.  I then approached my Chinese medicine doctor who prescribed a herbal formula and acupuncture to bring back and regulate my cycle. Within a few weeks of taking the herbs and two acupuncture sessions my period was back. I was amazed, not only did my period return but my energy increased, my sleep was better and my stress levels felt more manageable. I became a raving fan of Chinese herbal medicine and continue to take Chinese herbal formulas to this day to support and balance my body. I love the individuality of the herbal formulas, modifying and changing with the seasons or life events.  I suggest using herbal medicine in combination with acupuncture treatments, lifestyle and diet modifications. I believe that a herbal formula is like getting acupuncture every day to give your body a little boost to help combat the stresses of daily life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas that have been prescribed for thousands of years with personalized modifications to improve the effects of the formula for your special needs. Some common reasons to take a herbal formula include digestive complaints, acid reflux, IBS, reproductive, menstrual or menopausal symptoms, sleep, irritability and anxiety, boosting the immune system to prevent colds and illness and improve energy.

It is important to know where your herbs are grown. It is similar to food production, organic vs. genetically modified and pesticide heavy. Some Chinese herbs are grown in toxic conditions and other companies pride themselves on the quality of their products. All the herbs that are used at the clinic have been tested by Health Canada for safety and are grown in Taiwan. These herbs may cost a little more, just like your organic veggies, but it is most definitely money well spent to get a quality product.

Chinese herbal medicine is a large field of study and in British Columbia requires extra years of schooling and training in order to prescribe Chinese herbal medicine as a Registered Herbalist. Not all acupuncturists are trained or licensed to practice Chinese herbal medicine. Please make sure that you are getting your herbs from a trained professional.

Did you know that we have a compounding pharmacy where we make personalized herbal formulas? Give us a call to see if a Chinese herbal formula could help you improve your health.