Whenever I am out and meeting new people and they find out my profession as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine inevitably they mention that they have always wanted to try acupuncture but they have never had…….. a sore back, a sore neck, or been sick enough to use it. Well here’s the thing, acupuncture and TCM is best used while you are healthy to help keep you that way.

Traditionally a village would have a Chinese Medicine Doctor and their job was to keep everyone healthy, monthly visits to discuss any little changes in sleep, digestion, bowel movements, energy levels, pain etc. A personalized treatment was designed and prescribed to keep the body in balance as much as possible and correct any little problems before they became big problems. This could include, acupuncture, diet recommendations, herbal medicine and some lifestyle modifications.

So you see most Chinese Medicine Doctors would rather see you when you are healthy and help to keep you that way!