Castor Oil Pack – How To:


What is a Castor Oil Pack?

A Castor Oil Pack is using the oil of castor beans directly to the skin with a layer of fabric and hot water bottle to stimulate the body to improve menstrual pain/cramping, improve fertility and detoxify. The first step in making a pack is to soak your skin with castor oil in the area you wish to treat. Then, you apply a piece of natural/untreated fabric over the oiled area. Finally, add a hot water bottle or heated bean bag to the area and relax for ~30 minutes.


What You’ll Need:

  • Castor oil (organic hexane free)
  • A piece of undyed wool or cotton flannel that’s big enough to cover the area you wish to treat
  • Hot water bottle or heated bean bag (do not use electric heating pad)
  • A glass container with a lid that’s large enough to hold the oil-soaked cloth
  • An old set of clothes and towel you don’t mind staining.

Preparing the Castor Oil Pack:


  1. Change into your old clothes and place the towel down in a comfortable area for you to lay onto.
  2. Apply the castor oil to the abdominal area as instructed in the video.
  3. Place the cloth over the part of the body that’s being treated.
  4. Place the hot water bottle/bean bag over the cloth.
  5. Leave the hot water bottle in place over the pack for ~30 minutes. During this time, you can rest and relax while your body absorbs the soothing goodness of the pack.
  6. After that, you can remove the pack and clean the treated area.
  7. Then place the pack back in the covered glass container.
  8. Store the container in your fridge until the next time you need to apply the pack. When you’re ready to use the pack again, take it out of the fridge first for a couple of hours to bring it to room temperature.

Make sure to use as directed in the video for best results.