Sports Acupuncture


Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years for treating injury. Now sports acupuncture has been gaining popularity with many Olympians swearing by it. Sports acupuncture can help with acute injuries caused by workouts, strengthen your body, and help tune up in order to prevent future injuries.


Treating the Body As a Whole


One of the strengths of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the focus on the body as a whole. Pain, weakness or tightness in a particular area is a symptom of a pattern of disharmony through the entire system. The function of one’s organs, immune system, digestive system, as well as your individual constitution contribute to your overall health and cannot be separated from your musculoskeletal body.

If a physical injury has already been addressed but you’re still dealing with digestion issues, exhaustion, etc, then you will not reach your athletic goals. In TCM, in addition to treating your physical injury we address organ and channel imbalance. This helps improve your sleep, hormone function, mood, immunity, digestion and overall well-being.


Clear Mind, Better Performance


Many people find that by treating both mind and body, many patients leave with a sense of calm. They find it much easier to focus on their workout or competition with a clear mind, performing better.


Cupping & Gua Sha


Cupping is another crucial part of sports acupuncture. This treatment uses cups to slide down the area lifting the top layers of skin, loosening muscle tension and pain. Your practitioner may also choose to use a Gua Sha tool to further treat specific muscle groups.

Using sports acupuncture can be very beneficial for athletes, or people who just love to work out to keep their bodies in less pain, prevent injury, boost immunity, and to treat acute injury if it occurs.

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