Delicious Liver Nourishing Egg Dish


People always ask “What should I have for breakfast?” Well here is a great example of something you can make that’s fairly simple and excellent for your liver health!


What you’ll need:

  • 2 eggs
  • Handful of spinach
  • Handful of kale
  • A few button mushrooms
  • A bit of parsley
  • Some chives
  • Some flaxseed (optional, but adds lots of nourishing omegas)


Start by chopping up your ingredients. Make them as small or as big as you’d like. I personally like to keep my spinach a bit larger.

Next, in a medium bowl, crack the eggs in and combine them with a fork or whisk. Then add your ingredients to the bowl, including your flax seeds if you’re choosing to use them.

Next, in a slightly warm pan on the stove, add some olive oil, then all of your egg mixture. Wait for it to start bubbling and then flip it over. You can then fold it to make it into an omelette, or cut it in quarters like the photo.

Now, you can enjoy!


This is a nice and simple egg dish that provides liver nourishing ingredients for your body that move your qi. Spring is the time to focus on this, and eating more greens, less fat (even good fats) is a great way to do this.


This month we wrote more about how to nourish the liver, if you’d like to find out how else to do that you can read about it here