Acupressure Points for Labour Induction


As you approach or even go past your due date it often puts even more stress on the family and you the mom to be. While it is often considered normal to go into labour 1 to 2 weeks past your due date, midwives and doctors alike often start to get concerned and suggest medical interventions if the body doesn’t start to prepare naturally for childbirth. The Acupressure points for Labour induction below can help your body prepare and go into labour naturally.


How Acupressure can Help:

Acupressure, firm pressure on specific points on the body (acupuncture points), can help to prepare the body for birth. Please do not use these points without the approval of your midwife or doctor as they can stimulate labour. Firm direct pressure is needed on these points. You can use your thumbs, knuckles, or even a wooden spoon to press on the points. I advise holding each point for a minute or two before moving to the opposite side or another acupressure point. I advise doing this routine several times a day as the effects of the acupressure treatment continue to grow with repetition. Acupressure on these specific points help to promote cervical dilation and begin contractions to prepare for a natural labour.


Recommended Acupressure Points:

  • SP 6:
    • Located 4 fingers up from the top of the medial malleolus (inner ankle)
    • This point helps to prepare and dilate the cervix
  • LI 4:
    • Located between the thumb and index finger
    • This point can help to stimulate contractions and provide pain relief. This point also helps aid the baby down the birth canal
  • GB 21:
    • Located midpoint between the neck and the top of the shoulder. Feel for the most tender point
    • This point has a downward action and helps the body descend into the pelvis and can stimulate uterine contractions


What I have found to be very effective in treating women who are past their due date is using a combination of acupuncture, massage, and cupping in the office followed up with an acupressure protocol to be used at home. These points are safe, easy to use and effective. I believe that this is a very good alternative to a medical induction with far fewer risks involved for mother and baby! For more information please contact the clinic and please feel free to share this information!

Follow this link to my video showing acupressure points to induce labour:


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