Chinese Medicine Tongue Diagnosis

Show Me Your Tongue!

Did you know that your tongue is giving very important clues about your overall health?  In fact, I can find out almost everything I need to know regarding your health just from looking at your tongue!! Chinese medicine has been using tongue diagnosis to help see underlying imbalances within the body for thousands of years.
















Tongue Colour

  • Red: internal heat
  • Pale: internal cold
  • Purple: blood stagnation

Tongue Shape

  • swollen and fat
  • small and thin

Coating on the Tongue

  • thick coating
  • cracked or peeled tongue

Different Areas of The Tongue Correspond to Different Organ Systems Within The Body

  • Tip: heart, emotional health
  • Middle: stomach/spleen, digestion
  • Sides: liver/gallbladder area
  • Root: kidneys
  • Behind the tip: lungs/chest

In next weeks blog I will give you some diet and lifestyle suggestions depending on tongue colour, shape and coating.


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