Ahhh don’t we all love Spring and Summer… but unfortunately for many this means the worst of allergy season and sinus congestion.

Here are a few tips to help clear sinus congestion and allergies, which zaps you of your energy and can be downright annoying and painful.

Tweak the diet: Stay clear of dairy– especially soft cheeses, sour cream, whipping cream all which are mucous producing and will clog up the sinuses. If you pay attention you can often feel this happening almost instantly after eating that piece of cheesecake! Limit wheat– this again will have an effect on phlegm build up, especially if you have a tendancy to bloating, gas, existing digestive complaints. Avoid sugars– as much as possible, as it will help to reduce congestion. Add– aduzki beans, button mushrooms, lentils, turnip and radish to the diet as they are  great for draining dampness.

Steam– I love steams- these are so great for clearing congestion!!! Directions: fill a glass bowl with boiling water, add some essential oils such as peppermint or eucalyptus, fresh thyme is great too. Put your face over the bowl covered with a towel for 10 minutes- Do this two times a day- They are addicting!

Acupressure– I have recorded my first video on acupressure points to use at home to help with allergies and sinus congestion https://youtu.be/IZcTsxItSjs

Watch the video today to help clear up your congestion and then share it with your friends!